Luxe wallcoverings curated as art...

Can you help me design a room that is more inviting than a traditional living room? A place for adults to lounge…an escape?

Patricia and Alvaro, are close to an empty nest as they anticipate the benefits of being dedicated parents and successful entrepreneurs. Entertaining is one of their desires, so I gave them a luxe room for chatting over cocktails, where it’s saturated in shades of blue, charcoal and gold.

Moody was the goal and this wallcovering by “Philip Jeffries” became my inspiration. “Metallic Ombre” is an art installation with a stain resistant finish. It is absolutely stunning! It gifts the room depth, texture and a sense of well traveled luxury. The movement of the ombre is engaging and the gold is connected to the accessory finishes.

Photography: Jessica Delaney